Molecular Imaging and Microscopy Lab

We take interdisciplinary approach to develop fluorescence molecular imaging tools.


We work on the development of tools and materials for fluorescence molecular imaging, with particular emphasis on single-molecule imaging and microscopy. Our research focuses on the development of microfluidics-based fluorescence imaging platform, development of near-infrared and shortwave infrared fluorescent nanoparticles, development of new single-molecule tracking methods, and DNA-protein hybrid nanostructure.  

Lab Members 2020

The complex dynamics of stem-cell tethers and slings (KAUST Discovery)

KAUST scientists conduct experiments that may help to improve stem-cell transplantations and to find new treatments for metastasizing cancers. © 2021 KAUST; Anastasia Serin.

Latest News

08 October, 2021

The complex dynamics of stem cell tethers and slings (KAUST discovery)

An innovative experiment design shows, in real time and at the scale of a single molecule, how stem cells control their slow rolling inside the circulatory system by growing long tethers that attach to the inner surfaces of blood vessels. The strategy could help researchers to improve stem cell transplantations and to find new treatments for metastasizing cancers.

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06 September, 2021

Good luck Maram Abadi!

Maram Abadi is off to a new career adventure!

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05 April, 2021

New article on Organic J-Aggregate nanodots with enhanced light absorption and near-unity fluorescence quantum yield

Congratulations to Hubert and co-authors for publishing a paper on organic J-aggregate nanodots in ACS NANO letters

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